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What are fleas?

Have you seen your pets scratch endlessly? Or blood marks all over their skin? You can suspect that it is from fleas. These are an external parasite that drinks blood as their source of food.

These pests are also a carrier of many diseases and bacteria. That is why it is best to know precautions in dealing with this type of parasite.

How do I get fleas?

From House Pets

If you have a furry friends living in your house, and you saw them scratching endlessly, then they probably have fleas. These can get into one place from another. Not by jumping, but by attaching at the right time to a surface.

This could be on your sleeves then when you place your clothes in a bin, it will crawl out of there. The next thing you know they are on your walls or floors.

From Stray Animals

Stray pets are prone to fleas. Because most of them wander in the wild and aren’t taken care of, they can get these easily.

You can sense that they have it, if they are unusually thin. It means that nutrients from these animals are being sucked up by these nasty pests.

Also, if you have an open backyard and wild animals invade it, they can leave fleas on your grass and your house pets may acquire it or your shoes.

How to get rid of fleas?

  1. Use tweezers and gloves. It is better to wear protective gears than to be sorry later. When removing these you need to be protected otherwise you’ll end up spreading the virus on your hands. Throw your gloves properly and sanitize tweezers.
  2. Get your pet checked up by a vet. Taking your pet to a vet clinic is one of the solutions if you see an enormous amount of bites and fleas on their body. They will prescribe soaps or even vitamins to make sure that your pet is safe and flea-free.
  3. Call Miami Exterminator. It is always better to call a pest control company that is trusted and knows how to deal with this kind of pest. Fleas are very small and most of the times, not visible to our eyes. You’ll need professional treatment if you want your house to be safe from these creatures.

You don’t want to waste another day seeing your pets and your homes suffer from this tiny pest. Our specialist can determine signs of pest activity:

  • Pet Scratches – Common in pets. This may require mild to serious attention. If your pet bleeds or has bite marks or has long hairs, it could indicate that they have fleas. Taking them to vet for proper check up would be the best option.
  • Bites – Humans can suffer from flea bites too. This can cause irritation and swelling of the skin. Be sure to wash the area where bitten and go to a doctor if it gets too serious.
  • Feces – Black ground pepper on pets bed, rugs, floor, carpets, or on any other areas may indicate flea activity. A proper cleaning will be done by our expert.
  • Adult Fleas – These are easily seen because most of this type are big and popping out of the host’s body. It may jump from one pet to another or to furniture.
  • Eggs – You can’t see flea eggs because they are less active and are laid in a secretive place. Places like: pet bedding, rugs, or carpets. Some that where laid on pets tend to fall off on the ground and grow in cracks, or holes while unseen.

Facts about Fleas

Did you know that adult of this kind feed on blood while larvae feed on organic debris like feces of an adult flea. Their feces contain undigested blood which is a source of nutrients of these tiny creatures.

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