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Nobody likes it when ants decide to invade their home. Luckily for you, Miami Exterminator offers ant extermination in Miami, FL, and surrounding areas.

There many different types of pest issues you can be dealing with and it can take on lots of forms. Whether they’re invading your kitchen, your bathroom, your basement, or some other area, we can help!

Fun Facts

Did you know that ants have a queen? The Queen ant lives much longer than the worker ants. The queen ant is the one who leads entire colony and is the founder. Her job is to lay thousands of eggs to populate her colony and keep it sustained.

The ants encountered outside the nest looking for food are female ants. They are called the worker ants, unlike the queen, the worker ants don’t lay eggs. The workers are responsible for building the nest and protecting the colony from danger and predators. But most importantly, they are the one who is responsible for foraging for food to feed the colony.

Did you know that…


  • They are capable of carrying objects heavier than themselves.
  • They can survive underwater for an entire day.
  • They are close relatives to bees and wasps.
  • A colony can consist of half a million ants.
  • A Queen lives up to 15 years, while the worker ants only live up to 7 years.

How Did You Get Ant Problems?


Ant infestation is often caused by poor sanitation. If they start building colonies in your walls, lawns, and home foundations, it can become a major problem for homeowners. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink and food residue on countertops. Sweep your floors regularly to remove those crumbs and empty your trash frequently because this can become their food source.

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Preventive Methods

Ants will come to your kitchen in search of food. Most ants are attracted to anything sweet. This is the reason why most of the time you will find them in our kitchen or someplace where we store food. To prevent possible infestation, here is a list of things you need to remember. To keep them away, remember to:

  • Always store food in an airtight container.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen.
  • Cover all food
  • Block of possible entry points like tiny cracks on your wall.
  • Sweep up food crumbs on your flooring.

If you are worried that you have bee infested, contact us and we will help you get rid of your pest problem for good.

Before you decide on any exterminator to handle your ant invasion contact us to discover what to look for when hiring a Miami exterminator.

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